Main Categories:
  1. Bodybuilding: When people mention bodybuilding, they immediately picture huge muscular people flexing and posing in a competition on-stage and might think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gunter Schlierkamp, or Ronnie Coleman. In reality, bodybuilding encompasses much more than the competitive sport. Participating in bodybuilding can result in you becoming much more fit, stronger and healthier inside and out. The focus is on fitness and health and not so much on raw size and brute strength.
  2. Nutrition : Find out what foods really are nutritious, how water fits into your body's health, and uncover the myths and realities of the food you eat. The time of day you eat certain foods can even have an impact on whether or not you can more easily lose the excess fat. The field of nutrition is complex. This section can help you navigate your way to better health with proper food habits.
  3. Sickness & Ailments: The plan is to discuss a wide range of topics dealing with various sicknesses and ailments and how to minimize them or completely remove these problems through nutrition and physical exercise.
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